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The Society of St. Vincent de Paul is structured in a way that regional Councils (usually paid staff), supports local Conferences (volunteer groups) in their efforts to serve the needy in their local communities. Each SVDP Council operates autonomously; however, all are bound by the rules of the National Council in St. Louis, where the first U.S. Council was formed in 1845. Additionally, each Council sets the rules and regulations for its Conferences based on the environment of their local region. Although each Council operates differently and offers different programs and services, the mission of our members remains central to growing spiritually through service to the poor.


Organizational Chart of the

Society of St. Vincent de Paul Worldwide

International Organization_Structure_Chart


The Central Council (in the Diocese of Rockville Centre)

The Central Council headquartered in Bethpage serves as the administrative arm of the Society on Long Island. As a resource and support hub, the Central Council provides Conferences with financial assistance to help them serve the needs of individuals and families in Nassau and Suffolk County. The Central Council also offers technical assistance, formation training, and organizes workshops and liturgies that bring together Vincentians for educational purposes and spiritual enrichment.


The Central Council funds and operates the following programs:

  • These programs are facilitated solely by the Central Council. 
  • Temporary Shelter - 2 transitional houses
  • Thrift Stores - 3 stores, 1 clothing warehouse
  • Conference Assistance - Financial aid distribution to district councils to assist Conferences in their efforts to help those in need

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