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We Help Peopleā€¦.By Visiting Them In Their Homes

Vincentians never forget the many blessings they receive from those they visit. They recognize that the fruit of their labor springs, not from themselves alone, but from God and from the poor whom they serve. 

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When someone is in need and they call the Society of St. Vincent de Paul for help, the first step is to schedule a home visit in which two trained Vincentian volunteers meet with the family and explore their needs.

"When you visit a family in their home, you find that the person you have known in a public setting may not be the same person in a private setting." - Joan Delaney, Vincentian

You just never know what problems exist behind closed doors. 

The Home Visit

The Society of St. Vincent de Paul is the only organization on Long Island that maintains "home visits" as its core service model. This practive is the defining symbol of Vincentian commitment and the ultimate respect for those in need. By assisting families in the comfort of ther own home, SVDPLI reaches beyond the scope of traditional social services and into the hearts of those seeking aid. We meet people where they are. Visiting people in thier homes creates a safe environment in which to confide their stories of struggle.

Embracing the humanity of both Vincentian and recipient proivdes the best platform for assistance and betterment. 

Often times, a home visit will reveal a families true needs, which are usually much greater than their initial request. Vincentians have visisted homes where the mother asked for help to keep the utilities on; however, during their evaluation, they discovered that she also needed food, winter clothes for her children and furniture. It is out of discoveries such as these that the Sweet Dreams Bed Program was formed.

The home visits enables Vincentians to further understand the circumstances surrounding a request, but also allows them to develop a relationship with the family. 


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